How To Discuss Allowance With Your Sugar Daddy?

We have all heard of instances where sugar daddies cough up as much as $4,000 a month on their sugar babies. Talking about money or allowances your sugar daddy, in general, is difficult, isn’t it? However, isn’t this something you had already factored while taking the leap to sugar daddy dating?

Let’s face it, financial allowances and perks are a big part of sugaring and the better you are at it, the higher your chances of getting rid of student debt and becoming financially stable. On the other hand, we understand that you don't want to come off as greedy or insulting by asking too much. These conversations are very common and he has likely been through these over a dozen times already.

Sugar Daddy Allowance

Here are a few tips to overcome this awkwardness and get into the money from your sugar daddy.

Don’t talk about allowances right out of the gate

Unless you really want to come off as greedy, never talk about allowances during your first interaction, either online or offline. It is always a good idea to get to know each other a little, at least in terms of expectations. Real sugar daddies would like to feel a connection with you before spending thousands of dollars each month.

Spend time to determine your allowance

It would make sense to do a bit of math to calculate how much money you need to live comfortably. Make sure you include all the necessary expenses like house rent, utilities and groceries. You may also want to consider parlour and salon expenses. Most importantly, make sure you save a few hundred dollars at the end of the month.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Your friends may be sugaring too and it is likely they must be bragging about the allowances they are getting. It is quite possible that they are not making anything close to what they are claiming. Furthermore, you might not be fully aware of their terms of arrangement. It is advised you refrain from using another sugar baby’s allowance as a measuring stick to determine your allowance.

Don’t allow your sugar daddy to dominate

Newbie sugar babies make the mistake of allowing their sugar daddies to take over this conversation. It goes without saying that sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen and would want you to settle for a lower allowance. Wear your confidence on your sleeve and lead the conversation. Make sure you’re heard and respected as this will set the tone for the relationship.

Do not be very rigid and talk in ranges

It is always better to talk in ranges as it leaves more room for negotiation. While it is not advised to present a break-up of your expenses, it would be good to justify why you need the money that you are asking for. Be confident of your worth and articulate your needs. Oftentimes, sugar babies end up getting a higher allowance than what they had anticipated.